Initially trained as a potter and graduated from the Royal College of Art of London, Matthew Chambers is a ceramist whose work was presented for the first time in France by Mouvements Modernes during the « Fables contemporaines » exhibition in 2010.
Passion for the potter's know-how and an attraction for the contructivist movement could summarize Matthew Chambers' work. He started learning ceramics at the age of eighteen beside Philipp Wood in Nunney where he grew up. He followed a cursus in the School of Art in Bath and then in London at The Royal College of Art.
His work is rather experimental than conceptual, he lets forms express themselves. Matthew Chambers enjoys discovering «how one form leads to another and how they fit together » Geometric movements, targets, leak points, graphic games, round and circular shapes ...all of that is emphasized through the repetition and the layers assembling. He sculpts the forms with a potter's wheel, but he adds oxides to the ceramic before crafting the material.  Each piece is sprinkled with sand and cleaned before and after the firing, in order to ensure the opacity of encrusted microcrystals and the softness of the piece.

About his approach, Matthew Chambers said: « My sculpture initially begins on the turning wheel: several parts are thrown and assembled to create a built beauty, rhythm and symmetry in an abstract form. My creating process is driven by a true love of the manufacturing process. Through practise and persistence, I developed a unique way to produce, and the uniqueness of my work is created thanks to the versatility of this material ».

Permanent public collections:
Musée National de Céramique of Sèvres, National Museums of Scotland, Fitzwilliam Museum of Cambridge