Matthew Chambers

Matthew Chambers' works, highly influenced by Optical Art and constructivist movements, are experimental: he lets form guide his gesture on the wheel, in a process and spontaneous movement that feeds the following forms.

Waiting for Godot 186042-187316
Sejin Bae - 2017

Tribute to the play by Samuel Beckett, the sculptures of Sejin Bae represent the passage of time through the repetition of small ceramic modules, all unique. 

Sway 3
Nadège Desgenétez - 2018

« Objects made of hand blown glass embody the process through which they are made. This allows for an inherent connection between the glass blower and the blown object, but also between the object, the place in which it is made, and the maker. » Nadège Desgenétez

The Salon Art + Design 2018
Park Avenue Armory - New York

For its first participation at The Salon Art + Design, Mouvements Modernes had the pleasure of exhibiting a selection of works representing the different fields of the gallery.

Fabien Petiot - 2017

The slender elegance of these warm-hued lights is a discreet homage to Noguchi and Giacometti, while breaking new ground with the inclusion of an unusual material: black bamboo. 

Mathias Kiss

Mathias Kiss's designer heritage and culture, combined with an architectural interpretation of contemporary art, blur the boundaries between creation and references, creating cultural and social bridges joining decorative and contemporary art.