#VivaVetro - The Venice Glass Week - Daniela Busarello

Palazzo Loredan, sede dell’Istituto, San Marco, 2945 - 30124 Venice
September 4 2021 - September 12 2021

Anatomia dell’ Oceano Genius Loci - Venice

As part of Venice Glass Week, Daniela Busarello presents six sculptures from the series Anatomia dell'Oceano. Each signed and numbered piece is handblown on the island by one maestro vetraio and two assistants, under the artist’s supervision. “A manipheste-metaphor to draw attention to the fragile situation of the oceans.” “Anatomy, body-landscapes - the human being in harmony with nature. I choose to create forms out of scale, feminine, sensual, delicate at the same time as raw, strong, disturbing. For the technique, one learns to adapt, to accept it, and above all, one recognizes the beauty of the accidents, imperfections and scars that can arise at the moment of the birth of the object, from the cutting of the "umbilical cord" [the banal action of separating the cane, the maestro's hand and the sculpture itself..." Daniela Busarello The result is a dramatic effect of fluidity, translucence and light effects that belies the solid nature of the sculptures.