Jardin des Tuileries - Paris
Apr 3, 2019 - Apr 7, 2019

Mouvements Modernes au PAD PARIS 2019

The next edition of PAD Paris is an opportunity for Mouvements Modernes

to invite you to its boudoir.

The lightness and delicacy of a ceiling lamp designed by Constance

Guisset will be the beginnings of a collaboration with the gallery. The

piece will take place among very feminine works, making this boudoir

a real cabinet of curiosity by their own subjects of study.

Nature will be seen through minerals and sensuals sculptures, inspired

by crystal and geological formations, by the danish artist Turi Heisselberg

Pedersen. Face to face with these pieces a serie of four experimental

sculptures by the British artist Matthew Chambers influenced by

constructivist movements and optical art.

The sensitive and sensual works of Daniela Busarello, new artist of the

gallery, will allow us to become fully aware of the beauty but also the fragility

of what surrounds us. This Franco Italiano Brazilian artist will present

two Inner Landscape paintings and the first Tempo landscape, a

landscape of her hometown, a series of watercolours, "utopian-oniric

landscapes" and a set of vases-sculptures from the Mose series inspired

by the Venetian lagoon.

Curiosities of this boudoir with the iconic Jumbo cabinet of Pucci de

Rossi, but also the astonishing console Branches by Fabien Petiot or

the sculpture table Galet of the ceramicist / painter Armelle Benoit.

The preciousness of the place will be seen, among other things,

through the materials used by the artist François Mascarello: stucco

and straw marquetry for a set of three side tables and silk for a wall


These contemporary works will be part of a collection of iconic pieces

from the 1980s and 1990s, including the cabinet Jalousie by Garouste

and Bonetti for Neotu gallery, or a pair of Zigo chairs by Ron Arad.