Daniela Busarello et Nadège Desgenétez à la galerie Hervé Van der Straeten

11, rue Ferdinand Duval 75004 Paris
Jan 26, 2021 - Jun 26, 2021

Daniela Busarello and Nadège Desgenétez at Hervé Van der Straeten gallery


Hervé Van der Straeten and Mouvements Modernes Gallery collaborate to unveil the work of two artists, Daniela Busarello and Nadège Desgenétez alongside the creations of the designer. It is the opportunity to show their common sensibility for the work of artists who explore the creative potentials of materials. Create a dialogue between, works of art, furniture, materials, Hervé Van der Straeten and Sophie Mainier-Jullerot mixe with an assertive freedom and curiosity a set of works by artists who, through working and transforming material, find new unusual ways still to be explored.


Coming from a lineage of architects, Daniela Busarello approaches her art intensely through her various experiences as citizen, architect, urban planner, teacher, scenographer, and builds herself through this multiplicity. Her artistic research explores Nature, Time Past [life-death-immortality cycles] and Genius Loci [spirit of place], concepts that have always been present in her life as an architect. She develops her own language where the infinitely large and the infinitely small confront and respond to each other with a feminine sensuality where the human being, his cells and the "intuitive aesthetics of nature" dialogue to question "the representation-investigation of intimate memory".

The 4 painting exhibited, coming from series Inner-landscape and tempo-landscape, unveil a delicate and silent work, imbued with a search for a metaphysics while being attentive to materials and scales.


Nadège Desgenétez unveils a sensual and colorful work with a set of 6 blown glass sculptures. Her work extracts references to the body, familiar landscapes through the glass-blowing process thus creating abstract and poetic forms that question the body of the viewer in space. Most impressively, she uses the materiality of glass itself to suggestive effect. Her sculptures reflect light when polished, but capture and internalize light when sand blasted, creating the impression of varying states of mind, extroverted and introverted, and of contrasting states of the body as well, subjective and objectified.