Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert (born in Paris in 1980 where he lives and works)

is an artist Franco-American who has been perfecting glass techniques for

more than twenty years the mouth and freehand that he acquired during a

cosmopolitan apprenticeship between the United States and Europe from

1998 to 2007.

That year, he moved to France where he alternates between work in workshops

and participation in residencies, workshops and conferences.

In 2015, in the heart of a historic district of Parisian excellence in craftsmanship,

he opens his workshop in which he produces all his creations. In 2019, he

opened a second workshop almost adjoining, a real extension of the first.

A clever blend of passion, creativity, know-how and teamwork, within of

which the transmission has a decisive place, Jeremy Maxwell's creations

Wintrebert are all suffering without a mould. Elegant, sensual, often

colourful and always bright, they combine tradition, modernity, anticipation

and remain inhabited by the movement that drew them. These unique pieces

reflect, in all their brilliance, the of glass as well as its creative potential and

draw on the time of experience and forward-looking inventiveness, developed

in a spirit of of independence and boldness.

His sculptures have been presented at the Victoria & Albert Museum (Human

Nature, London Design Festival, United Kingdom, 2014) and at the Palais de

Tokyo (Revelation, "Toguna", Commissioners Jean de Loisy and Sandra

Adam-Couralet, France, 2018). His creations have also been included in the

public collections of Mudac (Switzerland), the Kunstsammlungen der Veste

Coburg/European Museum of Modern Glass (Germany) and the Glasmuseum

Alter Hof Herding, Ernsting Stiftung. (Germany) as well as many private