Alexandra Mocanu

Recently awarded the Contemporary Design Prize during PAD Paris 2018, Alexandra Mocanu proposes tapestries whose abstract compositions remind of lightful and colourful paintings.

Waiting for Godot 186042-187316
Sejin Bae - 2017

Tribute to the play by Samuel Beckett, the sculptures of Sejin Bae represent the passage of time through the repetition of small ceramic modules, all unique. 

Wall lamp Biscuit
Fabien Petiot - 2016

Young French designer, Fabien Petiot proposes « Biscuit » wall lamps, in porcelain and brass. The finess of materials and treatment enhances the delicate and warm light.

Armelle Benoît - Solo Show

In October 12 to 20 2018, the exhibition-event « Meetings » will show the last creations of ceramist and painter Armelle Benoit following her researches on the wall as a symbol.

Desk Pettit
Martin Szekely - 1985

Between 1983 and 1984, Martin Szekely imagined the series PI, edited in 1985 by Neotu gallery. The Pettit Desk is emblematic : right angles and curves are mixed in the deep dark of the material.

Mexique Vase
Bořek Šípek - 1988

The great Czech master of glass, Borek Sipek, designed in 1988 a series of vases, for Neotu Editions, each of which carries the name of a country. Here, the vase « Mexique », wherein metals and blown glass communicate.