Anatomia dell'Oceano at the Fondazione dell'Albero d'Oro (Venice) - Daniela Busarello

October 4 2021 - March 10 2022

Venice, a city full of history and surrounded by water ; the absolute symbol of femininity in constant evolution.                   

During the Venice Glass Week, the director of the Foundation discovered Anatomia dell'Oceano, a set of six vase-sculptures born out of the artist’s collaboration with maestro vetraio Paolo Crepax, in 2016.
Art Manifesto of the Venetian Lagoon.
Until next March, it is in the reflection of the Grand Canal, seen from the Palazzo Vendramin Grimani of the Albero d'Oro Foundation, that the thick transparency of these glasses has returned to question the Lagoon.
Like the city, that has come to terms with the water that hugs it, these sculptural vases merge the human body with the aquatic landscapes of the Serenissima.   

« Anatomy, body-landscapes - the human being in harmony with nature.
I choose to create out of scale shapes, both feminine, sensual, delicate and raw, strong or even disturbing. For the technique, one learns to adapt, to accept, and above all, one recognizes the beauty of the accidents, imperfections and scars that can loom at the moment of birth of the object, from cutting the “umbilical cord” (the banal action of separating the cane), the maestro hand and the sculpture itself... ».
Daniela Busarello