Rue du Perche
Sep 10, 2020 - Sep 19, 2020

From september 10th to 19th 2020, Mouvements Modernes

presents in the heart of the Marais, rue du Perche, the first solo

show by Daniela Busarello - Vida.

The title, Vida, because Daniela Busarello has chosen to

«live», "Listen to the silence. Observe and feel places, cultures.

To live the infinite. Dive into circular time: sacred and

symbolic time, ritual time, and synchronicities: consciousness

and self-knowledge."

This exhibition was born from a practically trip to the island of

Lanzarote. «From a distance, the island seemed to be purely

arid, lifeless, as if frozen in time. From close up, I encountered

a tangible landscape, alive, moving.”

It is indeed the testimony of an encounter between a human

with a land, its relief, its volcanoes, its seas - sea, sea of lava,

sea of cactus - its vegetation, its winds but also its cultural heritage,

with the underlying presence of the architect César

Manrique or the writer José Samarago.

Through the collection of materials - ocean water, grey, black,

pink, yellow peebles, sand, shells, flowers - the artist will

create: Tempo Landscape, oil paintings made of pigments

from these collected residues, Inner Landscape, interior landscapes

that the island has inspired her and totem columns that

eternally keep freeze these witness materials in glass. A veritable

archeology of the memory.

As in a travelogue all of these treasures will be exposed to the

eyes for the viewer to better understand the genesis of these


In a second space, Daniela Busarello presents works created

in collaboration with french manufactures, The Maison Montex

and Manufacture Robert Four Aubusson.

It is with Elapsed Time, her work with flowers, leaves and

branches that she colected meticulously and draw their

strenght on paper, that she questions our relationship with environments,

urban nature, life, the cycles of life in which each

of us is inscribed to form a whole, the "Vida".

An exclusive set of embroderies ans tapestries realized from

orginal drawings made from flowers collected during the lockdown

this spring, «the Coronavirus flowers» as the artist called

them, are exhibited in the secondspace at 11 rue du Perche.