Alexandra is immersed in crafts and applied arts thanks to her familial culture.

Her mother, weaver artist and her father, furniture designer, soon gave her the will to dedicate herself to creation.
Rocked by smells, noises, tools and materials from her parents' house and studio, She first chose photography as mean of expression. Quickly convinced that creation does not stop to this medium's boundaries, She started to experiment colors and gestures through painting and tapestry.  The choice of these mediums appeared naturally to her, by the need to find an obverse to the instantaneity of the subject, and by the need to use mediums that require continuous rigor and devotion.
Alexandra works on abstract compositions about the point, perceived as a particle and as the begining of a whole, transcending the technique. Time is a guideline which inspires her works, sometimes spontaneous or very thorough.

Alexandra Mocanu's pieces that will be exposed by Mouvements Modernes at the PAD Paris 2018 reveal a really slow process, letting time spread as if gesture was part of her works as much as the introspective aspect. The artist first uses the spontaneous gesture while creating abstract paintings, kind of small rough oil-painted drawings. Then, She decorticates this gesture through a recompotision on looms with the help of craftmen, in order to impregnate herself. Her works are impressions, tactile and pictural, poetical and technical, that reveal the particular synergy that an artist can bring to light with his medium.